Nationals Requiring Visa Prior to enter Zambia

Who needs visa prior to travel to Zambia?

Zambian entry visas for nationals whose countries fall under this category require advance clearance by the Zambian Authorities. Applicants must apply for the visa through the Director General of Immigration prior to their arrival into Zambia. The applicant must receive a letter of approval prior to his/her travel. Applications for visas for this category must be made online through the eServices portal.

Afghanistan Gambia Nepal Syria
Algeria Guinea Conakry Niger Tajikistan
Armenia India Nigeria Timor- Leste (East Timor)
Azerbaijan Indonesia Oman Togo
Bangladesh Iran Pakistan Tunisia
Benin Iraq Palestine Turkmenistan
Burkina Faso Ivory Coast Papa New Guinea Uzbekistan
Cameroon Jordan Qatar Yemen
Central Africa Republic Kuwait Saudi Arabia  
Chad Kyrgyzstan Senegal  
China Lebanon Sierra Leone  
Egypt Libya Sri-Lanka  
Ethiopia Mali Somalia  
Equatorial Guinea Mauritania South Sudan  
Gabon Morocco Sudan


NOTE: This information may change at short notice. Visit the Zambian Immigration official website or contact the nearest Zambian mission office to verify your entry requirements to Zambia.